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November 6, 2019: This service is in Beta status. You can sign up and test it out, however we are still making changes and you might experience issues. Please use the contact page to report any issues, suggestions, or other comments.

ErrAlert allows you to monitor various resources such as DNS, Domain Whois, TCP Port status, website status, and more. You can configure it to query different items at different times ranging from every few minutes to every month. You will get an email alert when a monitored value changes or a domain is near expiration. This can be a set-it and forget-it service. Set it up to monitor domains and URL's and you will only get a notification when something changes with one of them.

How it works: You can set how often you want checks to be performed, ranging from every five minutes to once a month. Every check uses one credit. If your account runs out of credits then scheduled items will be paused until you get more credits (either paid or free daily credits). High volumne users can buy unlimited time during which the amount of credits that can be used is not limited (coming soon). Users with only a few things to monitor should be able to use the service without paying. Notifications are sent via email as soon as a change is detected. You adjust which notifications you want to receive. You can turn off certain notifications for changes that happen often that you don't need to be alerted to.

Steps to get started:
  1. Create account. This will give you some credits to use automatically.
  2. Verify Email Address, click the link in your email.
  3. Add an item (such as a domain name, IP address, or URL you want to monitor).
  4. Create a scheduled task for that item, pick what type of scan you want to perform and how often it should be performed.
  5. That's it! You will now get email alerts if the monitored value changes.

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