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How to use:

Create a free account. You will get some credits automatically when you create your account. Verify your email address by clicking the link that will be emailed to you. Add a resource and set which kind of query types you want use and how often each should run. You will start getting email alerts when changes are detected.

How credits work:

Every check uses one credit. You get some credits when you create your account, and you also get a daily allotment. If you need more credits then you can purchase more. Purchasing a small amount are one cent each, and you get cheaper prices when buying a larger amount at a time. You can buy more credits by clicking the link at at the bottom of your dashboard.

Unlimited Plan

If you have an unlimited plan active then no credits will be deducted from your account when checks are run. If your unlimited plan expires then credits will start being deducted when running checks.


This service has been designed from the ground up with security in mind. Our website enables HSTS to ensure you always use HTTPS when browsing. We set CSP Headers which are strict and do not allow resources from other sites (with a few exceptions: Contact, Login, and Signup pages allow Recaptcha scripts to verify only humans can use those pages, and the Payment page allows PayPal scripts, all other pages are set to not allow any outside scripts). Two-Factor authentication is supported using TOTP 6 digit codes using Authy/Google Authenticator/LastPass Authenticator. Passwords are saved using PHPs password_hash function. Care has been taken to ensure that your unhashed password is not logged by our service. The only personal information we normally collect is you First and Last name, Email, and an optional phone number (to help with account recovery, if needed). This website is hand coded, no javascript libraries are used. Very few pictures are used to optimize response time.

Stop checking my resource!

If you have a resource that someone is checking using our service and you want to stop them from monitoring it, contact support. We can add your resource to our blacklist so that it can not be monitored using our services. We may require proof that you have ownership of that resource in order to add it to our blacklist. For example, an email conversation with john.doe@google.com would be proof enough that you can request us block checks to google.com.


Every account gets a number of credits when it is created ( 50 ), and you get another allotment added daily ( 3 ). If you use it to monitor many resources you can either schedule checks to be more infrequent (weekly or monthly) or pay for extra credits so you can get alerted more quickly. This freemium model allows you to try it out, and for limited usage the free service should work just fine. Payment can be made through PayPal automatically, or contact support if you need to use another method. All prices are in US Dollars.
$5.00    500 Credits
100 credits per $1

 $10.00    1,100 Credits
110 credits per $1

 $20.00    2,300 Credits
115 credits per $1

$50.00    6,500 Credits
130 credits per $1

 $100.00    15,000 Credits
150 credits per $1

 $200.00    35,000 Credits
175 credits per $1

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